Grades: 9 - 12

At Rocky Mountain Prep RISE, we take pride in our holistic approach to education, nurturing the minds and hearts of our students to prepare them for a bright future. We understand that a well-rounded education goes beyond textbooks, and we encourage students to explore their passions, hobbies, and interests to discover their true potential. Together, we nurture a culture of continuous learning, where students are encouraged to embrace challenges, learn from their experiences, and grow into responsible global citizens.

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Meet the principal at RMP RISE

Ms. Sarah Elguea is a proud graduate of the University of Texas at El Paso and has been in the education field since 2015. She is dedicated to ensuring students have access to high-rigor education while supporting their social/emotional well-being. She encourages families to become involved in their student's educational careers to expand on the importance of education outside of the classroom. Ms. Sarah is humbled to have the opportunity to oversee high-quality instruction being implemented in a loving environment in the Rocky Mountain Prep RISE community. 


"I welcome you to explore our campus further and witness firsthand the magic that happens within these walls. Join us at Rocky Mountain Prep RISE as we embark on an inspiring journey of holistic education, empowering young minds, and shaping a brighter tomorrow, together."

Sarah Elguea



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