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Colorado Child Care
Contribution Tax Credit

As a prekindergarten provider, Rocky Mountain Prep qualifies for the Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax Credit. The Child Care Contribution Credit helps support quality child care programs for low-income families. Any taxpayer (corporate as well as individual) that makes a monetary contribution of more than $100 to promote child care in Colorado may claim an income tax credit of up to 50% of the total value of the contribution when filing your Colorado state taxes.

Make your donation by clicking here. Please be sure to indicate in the special instructions field that your donation is in support of RMP's prekindergarten program and select 'Yes' for 'Consider this donation for Child Care Tax Credit.'

Upon receipt of your donation, we will send you the Child Care Contribution Tax Credit Certification (DR 1317) certifying your child care contribution. Please consult with your tax advisor as individual situations vary.

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