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Living out the Big 5 and PEAK Values

August 22, 2023
By AJ Garza

This past week, we welcomed our almost 5,000 students back into our 12 schools across Denver and Aurora. I was able to spend time at each campus and wanted to share with you all the incredible momentum I’m seeing. 

Tracking with a Purpose Toward the Big Five

Schools and students are already tracking urgently toward the Big Five in the first week of school! The positive energy on these campuses was palpable, and adults and students are focused on work that matters in helping kids reach their academic and personal goals. 

At RMP Federal, I encountered a team already working hard to reach attendance goals. I loved the clear sign and the culture around ensuring people know what matters most: our students learning as much as possible. And check out young Paola, she's already setting big goals for her year and tracking them in her PEAK binder! Paola inspired me to set some new goals for myself. 🙂

At RMP Fletcher, tracking was out in FULL FORCE! In week one of school, students were already tracking whether they learned the concept of the lesson, as well as attendance and homework. They even knew some great prizes they were working toward. I personally LOVE the burrito blanket, the Magnatiles, and the art set.

Tracking toward our million-word goal doesn’t have to be complicated or elaborate- check out this RMP Creekside Accelerated Reader tracker. I love an old-fashioned approach to tracking, and who doesn’t love moving their clothespin closer to the million-word goal? 

A Culture That is Full of Rigor and Love

Check out this art class at RMP SMART  where students are engaged in meaningful art practice in an environment that is beautiful, affirming of their culture, and is upholding high academic expectations. I LOVED spending time in this classroom and did not want to leave (note the dancing camera lens while I took this video, I just couldn’t help myself!). 

Watch Principal Shinead Amos recognize 6th graders for behaviors aligned with our PEAK values at RMP Noel. There is truly no stopping Noel and I encountered students who are passionate, committed, and working hard to meet academic and behavioral expectations. Teachers are holding the bar high and sixth graders were so excited to be recognized. I also noticed that so many students are already carrying a book they were looking forward to reading in pursuit of their Millionaire goal! 🎉

RMP Noel has defied the declining enrollment trends in our city and added an astounding 60 students to their school this year. Assistant Principal of Operations Maggie Wood, exemplifies hustle and community support by participating in a local Montbello community event. Maggie was handing out school supplies to families, all while in a bear mascot costume. 


I saw so many amazing things last week and it was really hard to pick what to showcase, but I shared some of these meaningful moments because they matter so much to kids and to staff.  I’m excited to continue seeing the perseverance, excellence, adventure and kindness happening all over the network, and sharing them with you, our incredible RMP community. 

Con Ganas,

Tricia Noyola


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