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Time to Select a Learning Option for Quarter 2!

September 28, 2020
By admin

Learning Options for Quarter 2


Dear STRIVE Prep-Westwood Families,
I hope you and your loved ones are well and healthy at this time. I am writing today with an update for Quarter 2. After much consideration and input from staff and families, we believe that our school can return to a revised in-person learning model on October 21st. We will continue to monitor local health data to ensure this return is safe for all students, families, and staff.
Please know that the health and safety of our students and staff are our priority at this time. Because of this and the Denver Health guidelines that dictate the number of student and adult interactions, our model may shift depending on the number of students that opt into in person learning. We are giving you as much information as we know at this time for you to make the best decision for your family.
Please read the information below regarding the potential models we will be choosing from and fill out the short survey to let us know if your child will be returning to in person learning or will be remaining remote at home so that we can best plan moving forward. Once we have determined the number of students returning, we will send more details and a finalized update on our learning model for Quarter 2 by 10/9.
In Person Learning Model:
Our revised in person learning model would ensure that students are placed into small groups of 15-20 students, or cohorts. Those students would remain with each other, in the same classroom every day. Following Denver Health guidelines, up to four teachers would be assigned to the group of students. Depending on the number of students returning, classes would either be set-up as live instruction, with remote students signing on or, teachers supporting students as they access their lessons online. This model allows all students to follow a common learning schedule that supports both in person, and online learning. It also allows for students to be able to have access to all of their courses and teachers.
If we have high numbers of students opting into in person learning, in order to accommodate all of them we would create a hybrid model in which students are placed into small groups of 15-20 students (cohorts). Each cohort alternates when they are in person by week. (ie - Week 1: A, Week 2: B, Week 3: A, and so on). On the weeks students are not in school, they will be participating in remote learning. Again, this model would be in place if we had a high number of in person students so that we are able to accommodate all families by splitting students into smaller groups.
Remote Learning Model:
For students opting to remain in 100% online, remote learning, the model will look very similar to what it currently looks like. Schedules would stay very similar. Teachers will be giving live, synchronous lessons to students, and providing the same opportunities to make up the work asynchronously for students who need flexibility.
Other important information to note as you make your decision:
There will be strict safety procedures put in place for students and staff in buildings once they re-open. These will include universal mask-wearing, distancing within classrooms
Full food service (breakfast and lunch) will be offered for all students who choose to attend school in person
We will continue to provide social-emotional check-ins and other support for students in both scenarios.
Students who receive support for specialized learning needs (IEP, 504, ELL) will have additional support opportunities in-person.
Please note that though we think this is the most likely version of what school will look like in Quarter 2, things may change depending on health metrics and the numbers of students and staff that decide to return in person. You can always choose to move to remote learning at any time. Families that choose to be remote are expected to remain remote for the remainder of the quarter due to the challenges of planning for additional and unexpected students in the building during this time. For this reason, if the survey is not completed, your student will remain in remote learning for Quarter 2. If a family chooses remote learning for their student and has a significant change in circumstances that makes learning in person a necessity, that family should contact the principal’s office to make arrangements.
Please let us know if your student is planning on returning to school in person October 21st or if they plan on remaining in remote learning by 10/5. Please fill out 1 survey per student.
As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly.
With deepest appreciation,
Erik Jacobson


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