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November 13, 2018
By Sally Winter
STRIVE Prep teacher and student throwing a football
November 13, 2018

Thirteen years ago, STRIVE Prep opened the doors to our first campus with the idea to provide a public, high-quality, college preparatory education to all students – no matter their zip code. As we’ve grown to 11 schools serving nearly 3,800 students across Denver, we have had to redefine what an education that serves every student means. Part of that has been opening nine special education center programs across the network. Our center programs are where some of the most revolutionary learning and growth is happening every day because of the hard work of our special education teachers. STRIVE Prep staffs a higher ratio of teachers to students in our programs, so teachers are able to give one-on-one support, individualized learning plans, and foster deep relationships with students and their families. Today, 14 percent of our students receive special education services, which is the highest served in the district. One of these amazing students is Keishawn, an 8th grader at STRIVE Prep – Federal. He loves football, math, and typing… but he loves football the most.

Keishawn working on an assignment with the help of an Educational Assistant at the Multi-Intensive center at STRIVE Prep – Federal.

Two years ago when Keishawn started school at STRIVE Prep – Federal, he needed a great deal of special support from his teachers in the Multi-Intensive Center program at the campus. “We started off having to plan out every part of his day and making sure he had appropriate support,” said Ms. Penk, one of Keishawn’s teachers. “He needed one-on-one attention every second of the day as a 6th grader because his limited verbal abilities meant he had a hard time expressing his wants and needs.” For the past three years, the MI Center teachers worked with Keishawn’s mom and developed a unique behavior and learning plan for him where growth in the classroom meant he could earn extra time to play football.

Keishawn enjoys a football break.

“Now, he has grown so much. He stays in his seat and reminds other students to stay on task and cheers them on,” said Ms. Penk. “It’s amazing to see the responsibility he’s taken.”The support STRIVE Prep has been able to give Keishawn helped him grow into a leader in the classroom and on the football field. The amount of public funding STRIVE Prep receives is not enough to offer this support, so we count on contributions from supporters to make sure we are able to meet the actual needs of every STRIVE Prep scholar. Can Keishawn count on you to support his love of learning and football this Colorado Gives Day – 12.4.2018? Schedule your gift today.


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