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October 28, 2021
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We’re thrilled to give a BIG FIVE shout out to Rocky Mountain Prep teachers and leaders who crushed their goals in quarter one. Read on to meet the amazing folks who are helping our students reach their full potential, one quarter of growth at a time!

Big Five Goal 1: K-2nd graders will, on average, grow 1.5 years in reading and math.

Congratulations to the kindergarten team at RMP Berkeley, Kerry McLaren, Lakken Medina, and Liz Jocque, whose kindergarten students are crushing their reading and math growth goals already. We can’t wait to see how much they’ve grown by the end of the year!

Big Five Goal 2: Students receiving interventions will, on average, grow 2 years in reading.

Congratulations to these amazing teachers -- all from our Southwest campus -- who supported students receiving interventions in making incredible progress toward two years of academic growth in reading!

  • Samantha Szabo
  • Sonya Meyers
  • Paula Lopez Crespin
  • Laura Haller
  • Elizabeth McDonald
  • Alex Curtin

Big Five Goal 3: Third-grade through fifth-grade students taking CMAS will score an average of 45% on track for the next grade level with 10% scoring exceeds expectations.

Fourteen RMP teachers supported their students in making exceptional progress on our CMAS goal! In particular, our English Language Arts data is the strongest it’s ever been for this first internal assessment. Congratulations to:

  • Marissa Caine, math at RMP Berkeley
  • Megan Burke, math at RMP Berkeley
  • Harper Lodge, math at RMP Creekside
  • Bailey McCall, math at RMP Creekside
  • Nic Biale, math at RMP Creekside
  • Mari Peterson, math at RMP Creekside
  • Sarah Choe, math at RMP Creekside
  • Annabel Ames, ELA at RMP Creekside
  • Emily Petillon, ELA at RMP Creekside
  • Nikki Braam, ELA at RMP Creekside
  • Nikki Naughton, ELA at RMP Creekside
  • Becca Spresser, ELA at RMP Creekside
  • Lydia Sawyer, ELA at RMP Creekside
  • Pedro Gutierrez, Science at RMP Berkeley

Big Five Goal 4: Average daily attendance in each RMP school will be at least 96%.

These four folks from each RMP campus helped support their classes in having the top homeroom attendance for quarter one at their school. Now that’s a lot of time in school to learn!

  • Harper Lodge, RMP Creekside
  • Marissa Cruz, RMP Southwest
  • Parker Forman, RMP Fletcher
  • Hannah Holloway, RMP Berkeley

Big Five Goal 5: At least 90% of students who start at RMP, stay at RMP.

Last but absolutely not least, a huge Big Five congratulations to Whitney Marte, director of operations in residence at RMP Southwest. RMP Southwest had the highest first-quarter student persistence data in the network at 99.8%. Whitney is the driver of this persistence goal for that campus, and has ensured there are systems in place to know when families are considering leaving to have a quick response and problem-solve around any concerns.


Read more about our Big Five goals for the year in this recent blog post from RMP CEO Tricia Noyola.


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