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Meet RMP SMART's 2024 Posse Scholars

January 25, 2024
By admin

Introducing your 2024 Posse Scholars from Rocky Mountain Prep SMART! Each of these seniors has earned a full-tuition scholarship to their respective college:


Centre College - Danville, KY

Interests: astronomy, biochemistry

"My mom has motivated me the most to get this scholarship ever since I was a little girl."


Centre College - Danville, KY

Interests: visual arts, design, painting, drawing

"This scholarship is an opportunity for me that my parents didn't get, and that I'm really proud to have."


Cornell College - Mount Vernon, IA

Interests: aerospace engineering

"I've always had a fascination for the stars. And while I wouldn't personally go up to space, I'd like to build things that will."


Case Western Reserve University - Cleveland, OH

Interests: business, entrepreneurship, environmental sustainability

"The Posse Scholarship means, to me, to accomplish the achievement of going to a university as a minority."


Cornell College - Mount Vernon, IA

Interests: drawing, writing historical fiction and fantasy

"This scholarship allows me to get to my dream goal, which is being an author and scriptwriter."


August 01, 2019

STRIVE GVR Registration is this Saturday, August 3 from 8AM-2PM. See you soon!

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