About Rocky Mountain Prep

Our Mission
Every child realizes their full potential through a rigorous and loving elementary education.

Our Vision
We know potential is everywhere, but opportunity is not. We believe all children deserve access to a great public education. Our commitment to equity and academic rigor means that we help every student achieve. Our culture of love and inclusion means that we welcome, support and challenge everyone with kindness and respect.

An RMP education is focused on rigor and love in both academics and personal development. All of our work is guided by our “PEAK” core values: Perseverance, Excellence, Adventure, and Kindness. We believe that clear and consistent values for scholars and staff, and a strong culture rooted in those values, form the foundation of great schools.  

All RMP students receive personalized learning through our rigorous, college-prep curriculum. Our focus on math and literacy education, as well as the sciences and the arts, ensures that all RMP scholars are prepared for success in secondary schools and four-year colleges.

In addition to our emphasis on literacy and math, our scholars participate in specials classes, including science, art, music, Spanish, and dance instruction. 

Rocky Mountain Prep intentionally builds a culture designed to prepare students for long-term success in high school, college, and beyond. Our PEAK values of Perseverance, Excellence, Adventure, and Kindness define the culture that we cherish, cultivate, and grow at RMP – for students and staff alike.

  • Perseverance – We work hard in the face of challenges.

  • Excellence – We try our best on everything we do.

  • Adventure – We have the confidence to explore, try new ideas, and take risks.

  • Kindness – We treat ourselves and others with love and respect.

Our scholars are constantly working on character development, using the PEAK values in their interactions with themselves, peers, teachers, and administrators. Our staff members model these same PEAK values through their work with each other, by building relationships with students, and by promoting joyful learning and rigorous work.

We actively work to support and our scholars and staff in living these values through our school’s rituals and traditions, including daily community meetings, award celebrations, our school-wide weekly “PEAK Parties” and always shouting out students who model PEAK values throughout the day.

Research clearly demonstrates that the most important learning happens before a child reaches third grade. 

RMP is committed to ensure our youngest scholars are set up for success. In fact, RMP is the largest charter provider of Pre-K in the Metro-Denver region. We are proud to offer prekindergarten and free full-day kindergarten programs at all four of our elementary school campuses.

All of our prekindergarten programs focus on developing the whole child. We know that providing time for play, social-emotional development, centers, and dance supports our scholars in their development.

This emphasis on the whole child has supported our scholars in achieving exceptional results: On average, kindergarteners who attended three-year-old pre-K at RMP began the year reading at a level more than half a year ahead of new kindergartners just starting at RMP.

RMP’s curriculum allows teachers to provide excellent learning experiences that drive student success. Our teachers are recruited from all over the country, and we offer teaching positions to less than 10 percent of all those who apply. All of our teachers are passionate about supporting all of their students, and they get to know them on a personal and academic level. Our teachers receive more than 250 hours of professional development training each year to ensure they deliver intentional and informed lessons to all students.

RMP also offers a unique fellowship program, which gives future teachers the opportunity to grow their craft while providing scholars with the experience of having two teachers in a classroom. Through a partnership with the Relay Graduate School of Education, fellows earn their Master of Arts in Teaching over the course of two years while working with lead teachers to deliver quality instruction to our scholars. This supports both the educator in their learning as a professional while providing further classroom support to reduce the teacher to student ratio. Additionally, it increases the opportunities for personalized learning experiences.

Letter from the ceo

It is an honor to share our school with you. Our vision is simple: to close the opportunity gap in public schools by providing an excellent elementary education for students of all backgrounds. 

Rocky Mountain Prep schools are founded on the two pillars of rigor and love. RMP scholars know their teachers love and care for them and our staff is honored to partner with our community to help scholars succeed. Teachers, staff, and scholars alike are constantly using our PEAK values - Perseverance, Excellence, Adventure, and Kindness - to foster a culture of academic rigor and love.

Every day, scholars are met with the challenge to do their greatest work. They are expected to provide evidence for their thinking, express their ideas using advanced vocabulary, and explain their math strategies verbally, visually, and kinesthetically. Each book we read, each story we write, and each problem we solve is an opportunity to go on an exciting new learning adventure. We don’t just teach our students information, we work to foster a love of learning, both in and outside of the classroom.

Our school is a place where innovation is woven into our daily practice. Sadly, the larger public education system in this country fails far too many students and families and we know we need to chart a different path. Our team constantly experiments, asks tough questions, and rethinks traditional paradigms to better meet our ambitious goals.

I invite you to join us! We need exceptional teachers, leaders, families, supporters, and partners to continue to make our vision a reality. This journey can be long and challenging, but each day, scholars remind me of the incredible responsibility and reward that comes with a shared commitment to excellence.

Yours in Excellence, 

James Cryan

Our vision is simple: to close the opportunity gap in public schools by providing an excellent elementary education for students of all backgrounds.

Our Results

Our goals for student achievement are ambitious, and they drive every decision we make.

In 2018, for the fourth year in a row, our Creekside scholars had the highest math proficiency rates among any DPS school with a majority of students eligible for free or reduced lunch. In that same subgroup, RMP scholars’ scores were fifth for English Language Arts.

When looking specifically at proficiency rates for our students who are English Language Learners, both Creekside and Southwest scholars’ math proficiency scores were in the top ten of all schools in the district.

In math specifically, RMP Southwest scholars’ math proficiency scores were 20% higher than those of other elementary schools in the district with a similar percentage of students qualifying for free or reduced lunch. However, our ELA results at RMP Southwest were significantly short of our goals for RMP scholars.

These results help us understand where our program has strengths we can continue to build on, and where we will seek to make adjustments.

We are thrilled that for the second year in a row, RMP Southwest had the #1 highest overall positive parent satisfaction rating out of all Denver elementary schools.

Our Schools

We currently have four schools in the Denver-Metro area, three in Denver and one in Aurora. Looking for a nearby school? Visit our connect page to find the Rocky Mountain Prep charter school in your neighborhood.


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