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JD Ainsworth

Managing Director of Finance

RMP Staff: network

Previous experience

I spent the last 11 years in leadership roles at Academic Health Care settings. My primary areas of focus were successful strategic financial planning, operational efficiency, team management, relationship building, sustainable growth with a focus on quality, short and long term business planning, research administration, talent acquisition, HR, compensation /benefit analysis and large scale project management. I am excited to leverage those experiences here at RMP and make an impactful and positive contribution to this great system.

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  • Hometown

    Reno, NV but Denver has been home longer than anywhere else

  • Education


  • Hobbies

    Home DIY projects, gardening, collecting old books, reading and traveling (again soon I hope!).

  • Favorite Children's Book

    I was obsessed with Goosebumps as a kid and now my nephew in 3rd grade has picked up the mantle!

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