Learning Plans + Schedules

Our families are our most important partners in scholar learning at home. We believe creating clear expectations that honor different structures and circumstances is incredibly important. When your teacher calls to support your scholar, please ask any questions that will help you set this up!


Click on the grade level of your child(ren) above to view the schedule and suggested work for your scholar(s). The "Other Resources" tab includes links to a variety of resources for reading and online learning. Please note, students and families are not expected to log on at a specific time for lessons as teachers will not be teaching live. Student/family expectations and daily schedules are available in Arabic here: cover pagefamily-facing schedulestudent-facing schedule.


Our baseline expectations for all families:

  • Create a daily schedule for your scholar
  • Create a quiet workplace for your scholar
  • Ensure your scholar has the materials needed for success:
    • Learning packet from RMP
    • Pencil and paper
    • Books (see "Other Resources" tab above for websites to access online books)
    • Computer or tablet that has a reliable wifi connection (Need internet access? Comcast Internet Essentials is offering two months of free service to new customers - learn more at internetessentials.com. You can also access an Xfinity WiFi Hotspot - anyone in proximity to a hotspot can access for free. See map of locations at wifi.xfinity.com/#find-a-hotspot.)
  • Review your scholar’s work at the end of each day
  • Occasional check-ins with an adult or older student to ask questions or check work
  • Please note, students and families are not expected to log on at a specific time for lessons as teachers will not be teaching live.


Other best practices to consider if possible:

  • Sit with your child during the activity
  • Answer your child’s questions and check your child’s work (to the best of your ability)
  • Ask your child questions about their thinking


Teachers will:

  • Call families at least two times a week to check in on how you and your scholar are doing.
  • Confer with your scholar about the learning activities in this packet and online learning programs.
    • GK-2: ST Math and Lexia
    • G3-5: Khan Academy, Lexia (for some students), Reflex Math
    • PK: No required online learning programs, focus on packet work
  • Check-in on progress, set goals with your scholar, answer questions, and coach them through challenging problems and activities.


Pre-Kindergarten Daily Schedule for Families


Pre-Kindergarten Daily Schedule for Students

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade Daily Schedule for Families


Kindergarten - 2nd Grade Daily Schedule for Students

3rd - 5th Grade Daily Schedule for Families


3rd - 5th Grade Daily Schedule for Students

Online Sources for Independent Reading

    • Stories to read aloud to your scholar(s)
    • App for all devices for scholars to check out books - works with Aurora and Denver Public Library cards
    • Call 720-865-8500 and a librarian will read a book aloud (available in English, Spanish, Amharic, and Vietnamese)
    • Fun books spanning many genres (in English, Spanish, and French) for beginner readers. Best suited for K - 2nd-grade scholars.
    • Best for K - 3rd graders, Storyline Online streams videos featuring actors reading children’s books alongside illustrations
    • Nonfiction articles and aligned questions for 2nd - 5th-grade scholars
    • Free digital 5th-grade mini-units
    • This interactive and elementary based site includes well-known children’s stories translated into Spanish. Readers can follow along in English or Spanish. Some texts also include videos.
    • This elementary appropriate site provides published texts covering a wide range of topics. Students can read or listen along in English or 40 other languages. Related resources for each text help students dive deeper into topics.
    • A digital library of children's books from around the world


Online Learning Sites


Wellness and Movement Resources

    • Fear and anxiety about a disease can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions in adults and children. Coping with stress will make you, the people you care about, and your community stronger.
    • This easy-to-read article includes linked videos from Daniel the Tiger, Sesame Street, and more to help your kids process how to handle germs and illness.
    • This app includes meditation, sleep, and movement exercises to help manage your mental state.
    • This fun and interactive app meets kids where they are and turns screen time into active time.

Click in the Google Folder below to view this week's English Language Development (ELD) lessons.


Learning Packets

Linked below are the third student work packets we are sending to families to ensure your scholar has meaningful learning activities to engage in at home while schools are closed. The packet provides work for four weeks, May 11 - June 12. GK-2 ELA round 3 packets provide work for the week of May 4th-8th as well. If you have not received the new work packet yet, please continue to have your scholar complete work in the round 2 packet. Reach out to your scholar's teacher with any questions!


Click in the Google Folder below to access learning packets for each week.


Click in the Google Folder below to access answer keys for the Round 2 learning packets.


Click in the Google Folder below to access answer keys for the Round 3 learning packets.