Remote Learning

Our Vision

In this unprecedented time, our vision for remote learning is to support our scholars and community in having the resources, individualized support and love needed to continue to reach for their full potential. When thinking about how we want to support families with remote learning, we have kept in mind three important principles based on national best practices:


We will use these principles to clarify what’s most important for your student and you to work on in the coming weeks, provide balance as you keep your students on track alongside your other work, and help us support our students at completing quality work and get feedback to grow. 


Our Plan

Our families are our most important partners in scholar learning at home. Creating clear expectations that honor different structures and circumstances is incredibly important to us. When your teacher calls to support your scholar, please ask any questions to support in setting this up!

As we continue our remote learning this April, we have the following expectations for members of our RMP community. 

  • Students will:
    • Check-in with their teacher twice a week to discuss their work
    • Complete the packet work sent via mail and linked on our academics page
    • Read, read, read! 
    • Log-in and complete recommended minutes on the following blended learning platforms:
      • GK-2: ST Math and Lexia
      • G3-5: Khan Academy, Lexia (for some students), Reflex Math
      • PK: No required online learning programs, focus on packet work
  • Families will:
    • Create a daily schedule for your scholar (see suggested schedules on our academics page)
    • Create a quiet workplace for your scholar
    • Ensure your scholar has the materials needed for success
    • Review your scholar’s work at the end of each day
    • Reach out to teachers with any questions or support needed 
  • Teachers will call families at least two times a week to:
    • Check-in on how you and your scholar are doing
    • Confer with your scholar about the learning activities in packets and online learning programs
    • Check-in on progress, set goals with your scholar, answer questions, and coach them through challenging problems and activities
Be sure to not miss the links to a variety of learning resources on our academics page! If there is anything we can do to support your child(ren) or your family during these challenging times, please do not hesitate to talk with your teacher about concerns or needs. We are here for you!


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