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Supporting the RMP Team to Support our Kids

May 13, 2022   |   By Mahala Smith, Managing Director of People

At Rocky Mountain Prep, we know that amazing talent is the most important factor in supporting our scholars and our community.

In addition to our competitive salaries—which are higher than the school districts in and around Metro Denver—and comprehensive benefits, we offer staff members a variety of support to make sure they are learning, growing, and have the resources they need to teach students each and every day

Read on to find out more about the variety of ways we support our team!

Coaching and Support for All

Every role at the school level—fellows, teaching assistants, lead teachers, and administrators—receives direct coaching and support to ensure they are learning and growing as professionals. 


Team Takes Time

Time together as adults is important to help us build teams. We make sure it’s part of our work through team bonding events like park days and happy hours.


Stocked Staff & Supply Rooms

There are a variety of supplies necessary to help students learn, and our supply rooms are stocked with anything teachers could need for their classroom. Can’t find what you need? Teachers have their own classroom budgets for other supplies that would support their students’ learning. Our kitchens are also stocked with snacks and goodies to make sure that hanger never strikes!


Transparent and Clear Interview Processes

If you are considering applying for a role at RMP, we want to be sure you are clear on what the interview process looks like. The initial application takes less than 10 minutes and is followed by a 30-minute phone screen, then an in-person or virtual interview for 90 minutes. You’ll hear back from us in a week or less. 


Role Flexibility Between Years

As you are ready to grow and learn more, we are ready to support you! Folks at RMP can make changes within our organization as their interests and needs change and they advance in their careers. Many of our Teaching Assistants become Fellows who become Lead Teachers! We also have many Lead Teachers who become Assistant Principals and bring their knowledge and expertise to multiple classrooms. Many teachers also choose to loop with their classes some years or try out a new grade level when they feel ready for a change. 


PEAK Teacher Program

The RMP PEAK Teacher program, launched in the 22-23 school year, recognizes and celebrates the top-performing teachers in our network according to both student achievement data and observations. We believe we have a moral imperative as a community to pay our highest-performing teachers an incredibly competitive salary. At Rocky Mountain Prep, that means salaries of $80,000 - 110,000 per year for each of our PEAK Teachers including bonuses and stipends. Read more about the program on our blog

Ready to learn more and view our open positions? Check out the Join Our Team page!

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