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How RMP gives love to its teachers

August 07, 2019   |   By Rocky Mountain Prep

10. Mission-driven staff

Quote: When you work with a team of educators and leaders who are truly united by the common belief that every child is important, special, and capable of great things, it creates an environment of collaboration which I feel is crucial to student success and teacher happiness.  

Quote: My co-workers inspire me every day to be a better teacher - after a long week I feel supported and loved, and that is what makes me come to work excited every morning. The free swag and the treats are always a nice gesture, but it's the culture of RMP that makes people want to work here.

9. RMP fellowship: What's better than a free master's degree? A free master's degree with a $25,000 living stipend and working with exceptional mentor teachers! Our teaching fellowship prepares the next generation of teachers, from new graduates from college to folks looking to change careers.

8. RMP celebrations: At the end of each semester we gather as a network to celebrate together. 

7. Teacher appreciation week: Every year in May we dedicate a full week to our teachers to honor their awesomeness by showing them appreciation all week long. RMP families bring in homemade food, scholars write their teachers cards, and we celebrate with coffee and other treats. 

6. Teacher mentors: From Grade Level Chairs to Curricular Leads and Fellow Advisors, teachers serve in a variety of teacher leader capacities, meaning we all have the opportunity to learn and grow from one another.

Quote: The people around me make me able to do my job. I have learned everything from mentors I have had and my coworkers are the reason that I stay. Any chance we have to be together and to learn from each other in both structured and unstructured capacities is what makes this job worthwhile. I would not be a good teacher for kids without them. 

5. Yummy food on data days and other PD days: We know how important it is for teachers to stay fueled and nourished in order to do the hard work of data analysis and action planning!

4. Well-stocked supply closets and workrooms: Snacks, paper, pens, chart paper, and other materials are unlimited to all school teams. Our amazing operations teams make sure classrooms are always stocked with necessary materials and supplies and that copiers and printers are always up and running! 

4. Quote: I think it's important that RMP doesn't give us a limit with paper/printing/supplies so that we can make sure our kiddos have everything that they need! It takes away the stress of having a printing limit like some schools do, and shows how much we value rigor for our kids! 

3. RMP swag: Because “just any swag would not be the same.” 

Quote: I absolutely love [the RMP] swag! I feel like it automatically improves my mood and I love showing school spirit as much as I can. The scholars love our shirts and comment on when we wear them. All of these are so great that RMP does! It really makes us feel special.

Quote: I am very impressed with the RMP swag because you get high-quality items. Just any swag would not be the same. The fact that it is nice stuff shows that [RMP] cares enough about us to get the best items that we will love and use. 

2. Professional development opportunities: Every Friday is a half-day for teachers, staff, and administration teams to further growth and learning. There are other opportunities for teachers to attend additional conferences and trainings for Denver and Aurora Public Schools throughout the school year. 

Quote: PD and development makes me feel like I'm growing every day to be a better teacher!

Quote: Teacher appreciation week makes me feel valued, but I think what helps the most with being a better teacher is the work we do in professional development and team meetings.

1. Retention bonuses: The average teacher is leaving the field after less than 5 years. We offer bonuses of up to $5,000 to teachers who return for another school year. We honor teachers this way because we know that teacher retention is critical to both our student and staff culture.

Quote: I think retention bonuses show the value in keeping teachers and rewards teachers for staying and keeping a consistent staff for our students.

Quote: This is the first year for retention bonuses, and I feel valued for my long term commitment to RMP. 

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