Frequently Asked Questions

Please click below to see more information about the 2020-21 school year. 

Please don’t hesitate to call your school if you would like to speak to someone directly. You can find school phone numbers here.


At Rocky Mountain Prep, safety is our top priority for our students, their families, and our staff. It is our responsibility to create the conditions that will ensure our students have the opportunity to engage in excellent academics and joyful learning, while also balancing the safety of each individual during this global crisis. 

Starting in January, we will be following the guidance of our authorizing districts on when we can safely operate in-person.

For families who have chosen to remain in remote learning, we will continue to ensure families have a fully remote option through our Virtual Academy for the second semester and in the 21-22 school year.

We remain committed to supporting you and your students under the complex and challenging circumstances that continue to be presented by the pandemic. Please don’t hesitate to call your school if you would like to speak to someone directly. You can find school phone numbers here.

In the 20-21 school year, DPS shortened and standardized the elementary school day to 6.5 hours for all elementary schools. Rocky Mountain Prep's in-person learning hours for the 2020-21 school year are:

  • RMP Berkeley: ​8:15am-2:45pm
  • RMP Creekside: ​7:30am-2pm
  • RMP Fletcher: ​7:45am-2:15pm
  • RMP Southwest: ​8:15am-2:45pm

All adults and students are required to wear masks or face shields when on school grounds. Masks will also be required for students riding the bus to/from school. RMP will provide masks for all students and staff but encourage students and staff to bring their own mask that they are comfortable in. If a scholar brings their own mask we ask that it is school appropriate.

This year, Creekside and Fletcher have transportation available. DPS and APS are working on transportation plans that will likely look very different, with many fewer spots available for students on a bus. 

Buses will allow only one child per seat. Siblings or members of the same household may be permitted to share the same seat. The bus driver and all students will be required to wear a mask on the bus for the duration of the ride.

A cohort is defined as a group of students who participate in a class or other activity. We will have smaller student cohorts who remain in their classroom for the day, including lunchtime. This is to minimize the number of interactions between different individuals in our community. We will update this answer with more details as we receive them from our health partners and school districts.

If there is a positive case of COVID in the RMP community, we will quickly respond and quarantine portions of the school to ensure minimized transmission.

Staff and students that are sick will not be permitted to return to school until they are healthy and have cleared criteria to return, which could include quarantining for up to 14 days. We want to minimize the spread of infection and we will continue to follow the guidelines put forth by our partners at the health department and our authorizing school districts.

Learn more about our safety protocols and procedures here.

Arrival and dismissal protocols will take longer than normal. We appreciate your patience to prioritize safety. Please watch our safety video here for an overview of what arrival will look like this year.

Free COVID testing is available to all Rocky Mountain Prep students, families, and staff through a partnership with COVIDCheck Colorado.

DPS staff members and students can use this link to get tested:

Family members -- including RMP Fletcher families and students -- should use the community link:

Please watch one the following videos from Denver Public Schools on how to access free testing: EnglishSpanish, Vietnamese, Arabic.

We encourage everyone in the community to utilize this resource and continue to take all health precautions like frequent hand-washing, mask-wearing, and social distancing to ensure we can protect our students and staff who will be learning in-person this semester.

If a student or staff member is feeling sick, they will be supported in returning to their home as quickly as possible. If the scholar is exhibiting symptoms of COVID they will be sent to a monitored room until they can be safely picked up. If there is a positive case of COVID in the RMP community, we will quickly respond and quarantine portions of the school to ensure minimized transmission.

Scholars who are showing symptoms but still able to participate in learning will be able to transition to remote learning.

If your child is sick and you are concerned it might be related to COVID-19, the most important step is to seek guidance from a medical professional. Please contact your doctor or see below for additional resources for school-based health clinics. 

If your child is unwell, please: 

1. Quarantine your child to limit the possible spread of illness to others

2. Call the school to report your child’s absence and be ready to share information about symptoms, duration of illness, and relevant dates (such as when your child was last at school or date of exposure)

3. Keep your child at home until they are cleared to return by the school - we will follow the guidance of local health officials to make this determination

Denver Public Health’s School-based Health Centers are located at 18 different sites across Denver and are still open. School-based Health Center services are offered at no cost to all Denver Public Schools students. Learn more here.

Aurora School-Based Health Clinics are located at 4 different sites in Aurora. The Aurora School-Based Health Clinics can provide an evaluation by a health care provider for low to no-cost. Learn more here.

Free COVID testing sites are available across the metro area. Learn more on the City of Denver website or the Tri-County Health Department website.

To reduce contact between students, there will not be supply sharing this year.  Therefore, it is important for families to provide their own supplies. You can order online and ship supplies to your home easily from EPI.  Enter the following codes for your school: Berkeley - RMP003, Creekside - RMP096, Fletcher - RMP004, Southwest - RMP002.

Alternatively, you can also purchase school supplies on your own. View your school's supply lists here:

Visitors, including parents/guardians, will not be allowed past the school’s front office and must have a symptom and temperature screening before they enter the building. There will be safety measures in place to make sure only 1-2 visitors are in the front office at any time.

To reduce adult contact, all uniforms will be sold online this year. Use the links below to order RMP uniforms for your specific school. 

The only required uniform piece from this RMP uniform source is the polo shirt. All other items can be purchased elsewhere. Uniforms should not be a barrier to attending school. Please contact your school if your family needs support.