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Hometown: Denver, CO
Education: University of Denver, University of Colorado at Denver
Degree: Principal Licensure, M.A. in Special Education, B.A. in Theatre, Film, and Television
Previous Experience: SPED Teacher and Dean of Culture at Stedman Elementary 2015-2017, SPED Teacher at Dartmouth Elementary 2013-2015, SPED Teacher at Martin Luther King Jr Early College 2012-2013, SPED Teacher at Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy 2009-2012, SPED and Theatre Teacher at Kunsmiller Middle School 2008-2009, SPED Teacher at Jefferson Hills 2006-2008
Hobbies: Avid pirate reenactor and fantasy actor. Singing, dancing, and sewing. Reading historical fiction and biographies.
Favorite Children’s Book: Where the Sidewalk Ends By Shel Silverstein