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Rocky Mountain Prep intentionally builds a culture designed to prepare students for long-term success in high school, college, and beyond. Our PEAK values of Perseverance, Excellence, Adventure, and Kindness define the culture that we cherish, cultivate, and grow at RMP – for students and staff alike.

  • Perseverance – We work hard in the face of challenges.
  • Excellence – We try our best on everything we do.
  • Adventure – We have the confidence to explore, try new ideas, and take risks.
  • Kindness – We treat ourselves and others with love and respect.

Our scholars are constantly working on character development, using the PEAK values in their interactions with themselves, peers, teachers, and administrators. Our staff members model these same PEAK values through their work with each other, by building relationships with students, and by promoting joyful learning and rigorous work.

We actively work to instill these values in our scholars through many of our school’s rituals and traditions, including daily community meetings, award celebrations, our school-wide weekly “PEAK Parties” and always shouting out students who model PEAK values throughout the day.