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Rocky Mountain Prep is one of the highest-performing elementary schools in Denver. We are proud to offer families in Denver and Aurora a tuition-free, college-prep option at our three public charter schools. There are several key components to a Rocky Mountain Prep (RMP) education.

Rigor & Love

An RMP education is focused on rigor and love in both academics and personal development. All of our work is guided by our “PEAK” core values: Perseverance, Excellence, Adventure, and Kindness. We believe that clear and consistent values for scholars and staff, and a strong culture rooted in those values, form the foundation of great schools. Our goal is to affirm in school the values that families teach at home. Rituals and traditions, including daily community meetings, celebrations, and cheers, help instill our PEAK values.

All RMP students receive personalized learning through our rigorous, college-prep curriculum. Students spend half of their day in whole group time and half of their day in a flexible learning environment where they work in small groups and independently. Our focus on rigorous math and literacy education, as well as science and social studies, ensures that all RMP scholars are prepared for success in secondary schools and four-year colleges.

In addition to our emphasis on literacy and math, our scholars participate in specials classes, including science, art and dance instruction. Our dance program specifically promotes spatial awareness, gross motor development, pattern recognition, and body control. Dance challenges our scholars physically and mentally as they develop their stage presence through two bi-annual performances in front of our families and community members.

Rocky Mountain Prep also offers a wide array of after-school enrichment opportunities such as chess, theater, soccer, football, cooking, languages, yoga, music and many others. Enrichment programming is designed according to parent and student interest and varies by school and community. We offer need-based scholarships so that all scholars can participate in enrichment activities.

Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education plays a crucial role in ensuring that our youngest scholars are set up for success: Research clearly demonstrates that the most important learning happens before a child reaches third grade. We are proud to offer prekindergarten and free full-day kindergarten programs at all three of our campuses. On average, kindergarteners who attended three-year-old pre-K at RMP began the year reading at a level more than half a year ahead of new kindergartners just starting at RMP.

Exceptional Educators

RMP’s curriculum allows teachers to provide excellent learning experiences that drive student success. Our teachers are recruited from all over the country and our belief that our scholars deserve world class teachers means we offer teaching positions to less than 5 percent of all those apply. All of our teachers are passionate about supporting all of their students, and they get to know them on a personal and academic level. Our teachers receive more than 250 hours of professional development training each year to ensure they deliver intentional and informed lessons to all students.

RMP also offers a unique fellowship program, which gives future teachers the opportunity to grow their craft while providing scholars with the experience of having two teachers in a classroom. Through a partnership with the Relay Graduate School of Education, fellows earn their Master of Arts in Teaching over the course two years while working with lead teachers to deliver quality instruction to our scholars. This supports both the educator in their learning as a professional while providing additional classroom support to reduce the teacher to student ratio and increase the opportunities for personalized learning experiences.

Partnering with Families and Community

Meaningful parent and family engagement helps shape our school culture, holds RMP accountable to meaningful results for students, and drives positive educational change in our communities. We are committed to partnering with families to ensure the best education for their scholars. In fact, 97 percent of families strongly agree with the statement, “RMP teachers care about my scholar’s success” and 96 percent of families would recommend RMP to a friend.