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From day one of each year, scholars and teachers alike kick learning into high gear – and so much of it takes place away from a desk!

As a starting point for building our classroom communities, RMP teachers and scholars work together to learn and play games that help create our culture every new school year. Read on for a few of our favorites!

Teamwork: To encourage collaboration, we love “Balloon Bounce,” in which scholars work with their teammates to keep a balloon in the air and communicate with kindness to avoid colliding with another scholar!

Kindness: RMP teachers have modified the rules of “Freeze Tag” so scholars who are frozen need to request assistance to become unfrozen. This emphasizes that not only that is it okay to ask for help, but that it is kind to oblige.

Tracking: For new scholars, the term “track” (looking at the speaker as they talk) may be unfamiliar. To explain this concept, RMP teachers toss a beach ball around the classroom and ask scholars to track the person with the ball. The game is silent, so if they don’t track the right person they might miss the ball!

Fun! While academics are exceptionally important, sometimes you just need to have a little dance party to clear your head!

What community building games do you love? Tell us in the comments below!