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This guest blog post was written by Kelly Wynveen, a science teacher at Rocky Mountain Prep (RMP) Creekside. Ms. Wynveen heads up the Student Events Committee at RMP Creekside.

RMP Creekside Festival of NationsHow can you travel to 18 different countries in just an hour and half?

One of the many amazing things about RMP Creekside is the incredible diversity of our student body. Spend a day with our Creekside community and you will hear more than 24 different languages spoken by our Pre-K through fourth grade scholars and families. Mr. Jones, RMP art teacher, knew this was something that needed celebrating so, last year, Festival of Nations was born.

This year, Festival of Nations brought our community together to help showcase some of the vibrant cultures of our many families. The Student Events Committee began working on this event almost as soon as school started in August.

Our first task was to decide which countries would be represented. We know our parents are a valuable resource, so we went to them first. We sent letters home asking parents if they would like to have their country represented and if they would like to volunteer their time. Our question was answered quickly when more 70 parents responded with excitement, ready to bring in food, traditional clothing from their home countries and so much more!

“Festival of Nations was amazing. I love everything about this school! We are so diverse that I visited 18 countries in two hours. Our families in our community are truly kind and so loving.”

RMP Creekside Festival of NationsNext was letting teachers know which country their classroom would represent. Each teacher drew a country name out of a hat and was given a list of parents who would help them plan their Festival of Nations experience. Excitement started to build as teachers ordered books for scholars to learn about their classroom’s country and parents came to class to share first hand insight and experiences.

After two months of planning, coordinating with parents and designing maps and passports, Festival of Nations arrived! Families and scholars lined up outside and quickly filled the hallways of our Creekside campus, exploring and celebrating our school’s incredible diversity. 

RMP Creekside Festival of NationsFestival of Nations could have never happened if it wasn’t for our dedicated teachers who took the time to teach their scholars about the culture of another country. With an already jam-packed schedule, every single teacher found the time to prioritize this event to ensure it was an enormous success.

We owe the biggest thank you to the amazing RMP parents who volunteered their time, cooked delicious food and brought in pieces of their culture to share with others – from balloon arches to henna to an incredible amount of tamales to clothing from Sudan.

Let the countdown begin to Festival of Nations 2016!