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It is an honor to share Rocky Mountain Prep with you. Our vision is simple: to close the opportunity gap in public schools by providing an excellent elementary education for students of all backgrounds. Our team is passionately committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure that scholars will thrive in a four-year college and beyond. Scholars know that their teachers love and care for them, and our staff is honored to partner with our community to help scholars succeed.

At Rocky Mountain Prep, we use our PEAK values—perseverance, excellence, adventure and kindness—to foster a culture of academic rigor and joy. Both teachers and scholars refer constantly to our PEAK values. Each day, scholars are met with a challenge to do their greatest work. They are expected to provide evidence for their thinking, express their ideas using advanced, “Tier II” vocabulary, and explain their math strategies verbally, visually, and kinesthetically. Each book we read, each story we write, and each problem we solve is an opportunity to go on the adventure of understanding something new. We don’t just teach students information; we foster a joy for learning inside and outside the classroom.

Rocky Mountain Prep is emerging as a leader in early childhood education. We prepare three- and four-year-old scholars to be exceptionally successful as they advance in our program. Our Pre-Kindergarten programs teach our youngest scholars the foundational skills they need to develop character, curiosity, and academic knowledge. We have seen remarkable continued development in scholars who started Pre-Kindergarten at Rocky Mountain Prep.

Our school is a place where innovation is woven into our daily practice. Sadly, the larger public education system in this country fails far too many students and families. We know that we need to chart a different path. Our team constantly experiments, asks tough questions and rethinks traditional paradigms to better meet our ambitious goals.

I invite you to join us! We need exceptional teachers, leaders, families, supporters, and partners to continue to make our vision a reality. This journey can be long and challenging, but each day, scholars remind me of the incredible responsibility and reward that come with our commitment to excellence.


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James Cryan