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We believe every family should find the best school for their child – and Denver Public Schools (DPS) has a choice process that allows all families to choose the right school for them! That said, we understand navigating this process can be confusing and time-consuming.

Here are 5 steps to help you choose the best school for your student:

1. Know your deadlines

The DPS SchoolChoice enrollment process for the 2017-18 school year begins January 5 and ends January 31 at 4 pm. Selecting your top choice schools and submitting your paperwork in January makes it much more likely you will receive your first choice.

You can choose up to five schools on your paperwork, so be sure you’re prepared to list out each of those five!

2. Find your best match

Begin the process by deciding what is most important to you in a school, such as curriculum or special programs. Check out DPS’s enrollment guide for help on these categories.

There are many variables to every school’s program, and DPS has also created a SchoolMatch website where families can log-on and search for schools based on a variety of criteria. This site can help you determine the schools you are interested in for your student.

3. Tour the schools you’re interested in

Many schools offer regularly scheduled times during which you can come see the facility and learn about their program. Call or email those schools to find a time you can see learning in action!

Interested in touring Rocky Mountain Prep? Call us at 720.863.8920, visit our events page, or share your information here and we’ll reach out to you with information on enrollment events and tours.

4. Submit your paperwork

You can fill out and/or drop off paper forms at any DPS school (including Rocky Mountain Prep) at any time!

SchoolChoice forms will be available online and at individual schools. Online forms are available through the DPS Parent Portal. Sign up for an account (or use an existing one) where you can fill out the SchoolChoice form online when it becomes available January 5, 2017. If creating a new account, we recommend starting early as the accounts take some time to process.

Families submit one SchoolChoice form per student on which they rank up to five school preferences. DPS then matches students to schools based on those preferences as well as school admission priorities and available space.

New to the school district? Submit your pre-enrollment forms to speed up the process.

5. Take a deep breath!

You’ve just worked hard to find an amazing program for your child – take a deep breath and celebrate the opportunity your student will have in one of these schools! Letters and emails notifying families of their school placement will be sent from DPS in mid-March.


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